Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The pattern is downloadable in Rav!! now to get it here on the Blog!
Who said this was easy??? LOL

Enjoy and questions or problems just let me know!

Good Morning!
Sometimes I think these things only happen to me! I uploaded the pattern in Rav. But you can't access it
:0(.  I sent a message to the powers to get this fixed. Bare with me I'm working on it...

Sorry about this! I will keep everyone posted!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Many of you learned to crochet or knit from someone special. For me, It was my Mom. We shared more hours of laughter then I can count. From the "Ripping" because 1 st. was not right, to the completion of so many projects! She's gone off to the Big Yarn Studio with hook in hand and I know she would be proud of the projects I have completed and the things I have learned. So I have deciated this first Published Pattern in her honor "Annie's Market Bag" !

 (I know she will let me know where the errors are!)

So here is a Question??? Who Introduced you to Crocheting or knitting?